Welcome to the Folk Academy!  The community that provides leading tuition services you’re unlikely to find elsewhere.
We’re delighted to be offering a high level of assistance and support for the teaching of traditional musical instruments, catering for a wide variety of playing styles and levels of ability.  Our mission is to provide a welcoming, encouraging, and fulfilling learning environment to both those new to the world of folk music, and those already with experience.  We also endeavour to ‘fill the gaps’ often overlooked by other teaching resources.

The Folk Academy was primarily born due to the recent increase in popularity, hence demand, of folk music and its associated culture.  Traditional instruments can today be increasingly heard in modern bands, on the TV and radio, and at live music venues and festivals.

As a result of the joint experience of our tutors who have also worked extensively in other areas of the music industry, and listening to what our shop customers have to say about what they’d personally like from an all-encompassing folk music centre, we created this exciting project!


What are we?

The Folk Academy is THE central hub for traditional instrument tuition, and works on many levels of accessibility with the aim of providing the best and most flexible service we possibly can to our customers.  We very fortunately work within a large building that also houses an impressive and reputable music shop, The Music Room, and we therefore share the benefit by both complimenting, and being supported by, a range of other very useful services such as musical instrument & accessories availability, large studio space, performance events, recording studio etc., ALL UNDER ONE ROOF IN A LOVELY LARGE RENOVATED OLD MILL BUILDING.

Where are we?

The Folk Academy is established at the long-serving Music Room retail shop in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire, so is placed in a very convenient location to allow us to cater for a substantial catchment area in the north.  We are not only geographically accessible however, as we currently offer a range of DVDs for sale that delivery specialised and unique folk instrument tuition, and will soon be offering remote tuition via Skype or some other similarly capable online tool.


Why are we?

Simple!  From our own and many customer's experience, there is a distinct lack of specialist folk music and instrument tuition available.  We thought, “why don’t we cater for that?”, so we did!


Please use the menu above to browse the various tutoring services we currently have on offer .. we will be constantly adding to this list, and expanding our services to cater for more and more instruments and styles.